About Me

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Born in Argentina, Marcelo Doño is a Hamburg-based choreographer and performer.

Beginning his classical studies aged thirteen at a small ballet school in Argentina, Marcelo briskly developed a deep understanding and passion for his art. This led him to study at the renowned Colon Theater Ballet School and since eighteen, he had already worked for diverse companies across Argentina including Ballet del Mercosur, Ballet de Salta and Ballet Concierto. He went on to receive several scholarships to study abroad at The Joffrey School, Ballet Austin and Steps on Broadway.

From 2010, Marcelo has been based in Hamburg and has performed in diverse Theaters across Germany including Kampnagel Hamburg, Gärtnerplatz Theater, Theater Köln, Hamburg Oper and Theater Lübek. He has collaborated with many artists in the contemporary Hamburg scene including Jessica Nupen, Fernanda Ortiz and David Bloom.

He is the co-founder of Z.ART.e.V, an organisation dedicated to illuminating and blurring the boundaries of contemporary dance, circus and acting. Z.ART.e.V also produce diverse events and workshops to enrich the local Hamburg community.

In his solo work, Marcelo examines the permeation of love and sexuality in contemporary life, decoding new means of expression from his established background in ballet.