About Me

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Born in Argentina, Marcelo Doño is a Hamburg-based choreographer and performer.

His multidisciplinary art practice situates itself at the intersection of dance, media art and philosophy. At the heart of his research is a continuous exploration on questions of identity, body and (self-)biography. Through research journeys, heuristic experiments and hybrid performances, Doño appropriates technologies of our daily usage to explore alternative ways of translating of the body and device narratives to imagine new futures.

Doño has throughout the years worked with diverse institutuions including Colon Theater (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Brut Wien (Vienna, Austria), Gärtnerplatz Theater (Munich, Germany) and Kampnagel International Summer Festival (Hamburg, Germany). He has received scholarships to study at the Joffrey School in NYC (2008-2009), Ballet Austin Summer Intensive (2007) and Steps on Broadway (2006-2007). Doño studied ballet at the colon theater in Buenos Aires.

Since 2018, Doño has been producing his own works and, since 2021, has been developing as a choreographer and movement director an ongoing collaboration with the queer Austrian immersive theater ensemble "Nesterval". His artistic practice focuses on observing and questioning the contemporary world using hybrid and interdisciplinary constellations. He explores the aesthetics of the queer body, the body interphase and the post-digital body.