„Grind Me“ is a multimedia solo dance performance centered on the digital “hyper-sexualized” body. The piece explores how hypersexualisation affects movement, and the consequent emotional impact on the body through the exchange of amateur pornographic imagery. It focuses on the limits of online consentment and the social ramifications of this phenomenon within the gay community.

Photo (c) Tanja Hall  


 "Grind Me"

Premiere 18./19.09.2020 - Lichthof Theater

Artistic Direction, Concept & Performance: Marcelo Doño
Videography: Larissa Potapov
Coach: Fernanda Ortíz
Mentoring: David Bloom
Costume: Zoé Leduey

Funded by:  Behörde für Kultur & Medien Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Between Bridges Foundation & Rudolf                              Augstein Stiftung.

Dopamine (2020)

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Urban Impro (2019)

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